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Brainwashing Mantra - Give Me Whatever I Want

You can’t resist me, you never could. Now you have no choice. Give me what I want. I’ll make it easy by putting you under my spell. Good boy. Now repeat after me “I am a weak minded, useless man who needs the direction and guidance of women to shape me. Thank you, Mistress Ruby for giving me purpose. I will give you whatever you want to make you happy, my purpose for living. My goddess, my Mistress, my Queen. Whatever you say goes, I will do whatever you say.” Very good, now be good for your word. You wouldn’t want to not be a man of your word would you? Buy Now

Hypnotic Pussy Worship Training

You want to learn how to please me don’t you? The right way, isn’t that right? But you need some encouragement and I know just how to help you pay close attention. Don’t mind the spiral, just pay close attention to every word I say and you’ll learn how to please your Goddess nicely. Hang on my every word and you’ll be my good boy. That’s what you want isn’t it? To be molded and shaped into my perfect pleasure toy? With no will or opinion of your own. Nod for me. Very good now don’t don’t look away while I teach you how to please me.
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