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Cash Mind Control – Quit Findom – Give Me Control

Blonde Dominatrix Financial Dominatrix Findom Clips Mind Control Hypnosis

Listen up loser, this is a hypnotic lesson in how to quit findom. You need help. Your addiction is ruling you and it’s time to stop letting bratty little findoms have control. You need a real woman to help wipe your mind clean of all that bullshit and let you start fresh. Sit back, relax and let Mistress Ruby help you. You’re too weak to do it alone. Just watch me and fall under my spell, you’re already halfway there, aren’t you? Give me control, good boy. Just relax and give in. You know you are weak, you can’t resist. You need help. I am trustworthy, let me control everything and save you from yourself. For a nominal fee.

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Hypnotic Pussy Worship Training

You want to learn how to please me don’t you? The right way, isn’t that right? But you need some encouragement and I know just how to help you pay close attention. Don’t mind the spiral, just pay close attention to every word I say and you’ll learn how to please your Goddess nicely. Hang on my every word and you’ll be my good boy. That’s what you want isn’t it? To be molded and shaped into my perfect pleasure toy? With no will or opinion of your own. Nod for me. Very good now don’t don’t look away while I teach you how to please me.
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The post Hypnotic Pussy Worship Training appeared first on Seattle Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls.

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