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Mind Controlled Suggestion- SUCK COCK

You will have no idea what’s about to come over you, you won’t even be aware of what’s happening or the craving that’s growing inside of you. It will creep up slowly, first as a passing curiosity then as a slight craving building into a lust and finally a need. A need for cock. You will lose all control at my hands. The need to SUCK COCK will consume you like you will consume cocks, for me, your Mistress. You need to SUCK COCK. It calls to you, you need it in your mouth. You crave the taste, the smell, the texture, the sensation. You’re not aware of why or how, you’re just aware that you NEED it and you NEED it NOW. You thought you needed women but you were wrong, you need and DESERVE COCK. Isn’t that right? Buy Now

Hypnotic Pussy Worship Training

You want to learn how to please me don’t you? The right way, isn’t that right? But you need some encouragement and I know just how to help you pay close attention. Don’t mind the spiral, just pay close attention to every word I say and you’ll learn how to please your Goddess nicely. Hang on my every word and you’ll be my good boy. That’s what you want isn’t it? To be molded and shaped into my perfect pleasure toy? With no will or opinion of your own. Nod for me. Very good now don’t don’t look away while I teach you how to please me.
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